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Simple Raw Chocolate Recipe

This recipe is the basis for all raw chocolate making. Super simple and easy to make chocolates that are free from dairy, processed sugar, gluten, additives and guilt!

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vegan, raw chocolate recipe

Divine Raw CHOC Fudge Squares

These vegan, raw chocolate fudge bars are utterly divine and so easy to make. Inspired by a recipe created by one of our amazing CHOC followers on Instagram, the lovely Hannah @hanzipans. Her recipe looked so amazing, I just had to make them for #chocolatetuesday and bring them to the office. I used peanut butter as I didn’t have any almond butter, which I think would taste even more delicious, but it works perfectly with any nut butter.

Summer Salad with Herb Crusted Tofu

Whether you’re having a picnic lunch or dinner alfresco this salad with herb-crusted tofu is perfect for the summer months. It’s delicious, light and easy to make. Using cacao butter to fry and as a dressing in this salad makes it especially tasty and lifts up its sweet and aromatic flavours. Swapping out the traditional oils for cacao butter is a healthier option for summer salads like these. It’s 30% lower in saturated fats compared to coconut oil and is full of heart healthy fats too (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated)!

CHOC Chicksicles

Keep cool with your favourite CHOC Chick flavours on hot summer days with Choc Chicksicles – vegan, dairy-free, delicious and so easy to make!

CHOC Chick Cookie Bar

This is a fantastic uncooked chocolate, fruit, nuts and biscuit bar that is a particular favourite with children. It takes minutes to prepare and an hour or so to set in the freezer or can be left to set overnight in the fridge, ready to cut into squares for your children’s lunch box.


Raw Millionaire Bites

What better way to treat yourself (and your family) than with chocolate. So why not roll up your sleeves and make a batch of these raw millionaire bites? They are utterly indulgent, with a layer of dark chocolate, sweet gooey caramel and a buttery base. This healthy twist on the much-loved classic is completely decadent and delicious, all whilst being raw, vegan and refined sugar-free.

This recipe makes 10-12 bites.


Raw Chocolate Tartlets

Completely decadent double chocolate tartlets made with simple ingredients to create a delicious dessert. With a chewy chocolaty base and smooth creamy filling these tartlets are great for any occasion and would be perfect to bring along to any picnic or BBQ you go to this summer!

This recipe makes 3 Tartlets.


Spring Vegetable Frittata

Bursting with beautiful colours, and fresh flavours, this Vegetable Frittata is the perfect way to welcome Spring. It’s packed with asparagus, broccoli and cherry tomatoes, as well as peas and spring onion. Cooked in cacao butter, this frittata does not require huge amounts of oil and boasts all the benefits of the cacao bean.


Cacao Peanut Satay (Served with Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls)

Chocolate may be known as a sweet ingredient, but when used in small amounts it can work perfectly in savoury dishes too. This cacao peanut satay is delicious, especially when served with rice paper rolls. Adding cacao to the satay gives it a deep, rich flavour, which pairs nicely with the peanut butter to create an incredibly moreish dip. Serve as summer starter, part of picnic or even as a light lunch.
(Serves 6)

Raw Chocolate Cake Pops

These are cake pops with a difference; not only are they no-bake they’re also made with natural ingredients and without refined sugar. They are lots of fun to make, and are great for getting the kids involved. The best thing about these cake pops are that they are light, fluffy and delicious as well as being healthy and nutritious too. With a dark chocolate centre and white chocolate coating, these pops are perfect for any chocolate lover!

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