Simple Raw Chocolate Summer Smoothie Recipe

Summer Recipe – Raw Cacao Green Smoothie

Our raw chocolate recipes give you a variety of delicious chocolates and drinks and can help you get more ideas for your own tasty chocolate treats! Here's a simple and healthy summer smoothies recipe from CHOC Chick's Galia. ...

CHOC Chick Raw CHOC Dipped Dried Fruit Recipe

Raw CHOC Dipped Dried Fruit Recipe

Super easy to make raw chocolate recipe and much healthier to enjoy this Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas (or any time you fancy a healthy raw chocolate treat!)....

CHOC Chick's Heart Warming Dairy Free Hot Cocoa

Heart Warming Dairy Free Hot Cacao

This divine dairy free, vegan hot chocolate recipe is perfect for cold winter evenings and is a real pick me up during the day too!...

CHOC Chick- Healthy Raw Chocolate Truffles

Healthy Raw Chocolate Truffles

CHOC Chick's Super Healthy Raw Chocolate Truffles (vegan and free from dairy, gluten, soya, additives and guilt!)...

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