Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2017

We are super excited to have submitted our popular CHOC Chick Cacao Powder, new CHOC Chick Cacao Butter Beans and CHOC Chick Blissful Blends Cinnamon Cacao to the 2017 Janey Loves Platinum awards!

They will be judged by a panel of natural food experts, but we also need your help to stand a chance of winning. Just click the button below and enter the product name (easiest to copy and paste from above) to cast your vote. Please vote for all three if you love them all!

Last year our Cacao Powder won a Platinum Award in the foods category and we would be so thrilled if we won again this year!

The lovely Janey Lee Grace champions the best of the best in natural products. Judges this year include radio personality Zoe Ball, TV presenter and voice coach to the stars Carrie Grant, best-selling author Lynne McTaggart, and the UKs leading expert in womens nutritional health Dr Marilyn Glenville. We hope they love our cacao!

See the video below of Janey Lee Grace speaking about the 3 products and why she loves them. Thank You Janey!

Have a look at the Janey Loves feature over on the Imperfectly Natural website.

The Joys of CHOC Chick Cacao

  • CHOC Chick organic cacao is ethically sourced directly from cooperatives in Ecuador which we have personally visited and have a direct relationship with
  • CHOC Chick is the first company in the UK to specialise only in organic raw cacao products and ingredients – The Home of Raw Cacao
  • We were the first to create unique raw chocolate making kits so that anyone who loves chocolate can make delicious raw chocolates that are free from dairy, gluten, processed sugar, soya, eggs, additives and guilt!
  • CHOC Chick cacao powder, cacao butter and our Blissful Blends range can be used in both sweet and savoury recipes and we have many simple and fun recipes to share on the recipes page of our site
  • Minimally processed cacao is one of the highest natural sources of antioxidant flavanols, magnesium and iron and has over 300 nutritional properties
  • Cacao butter, also known as Theobroma Oil, is considered a heart healthy fat, an oleic acid known to help reduce cholesterol and can be used to fry and cook with just like coconut oil but you only need a very small amount. 1 x 1g CHOC Chick Cacao Butter Bean goes a long way! Perfect for frying eggs, meat and fish. It’s even high in vitamin E so fantastic for moisturising skin and lips and is known also for reducing inflammation. (see more benefits here:
Thank you as always for your amazing support. Our fingers and toes are crossed!
Love from all of us at CHOC Chick xx
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